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Space Satellite

Aero Space Kinross

Aero Space Kinross (ASK) is a Tay Cities Deal project that is working towards creating Scotland’s first flight and space themed Science Centre and the first new Centre in Scotland since the millennium.

VR Space Shuttle

New science centre development

Aero Space Kinross in numbers:




projected visitors

funding unlocked

potential jobs

Scope of work

Unlocking the funds

Xcentuate was initially engaged to help navigate the complex process required to unlock £1.6m in UK Government funding for the project. Our work started in late 2021 and has included development of a ‘Green Book’ standard Single Stage Business Case, an Outline Business Case and finally a Full Business Case (FBC).

Each draft business case stage required submission to the Tay Cities team for review, assimilation of feedback and re-review. For some business cases this happened several times. Finally extending to over 300 pages in length our last FBC was finally approved in June 2023.


Beyond its capital project ASK has operated a successful STEM outreach business since 2015. This work is delivered across the whole of Scotland and extends into remote communities where there are few public facilities available.

Flying Plane

Additional works

In addition to our work on ASK’s Tay Cities bid we have also provided some ‘light’ fundraising for the organisation’s ongoing outreach activity.

Our most recent work, delivered in December ’23 / January ’24 was paid for with the first funder reply and now looks set to deliver record operating funding for the year ahead that will support an expansion of resources and by association ASK’s reach and impact.

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