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the master planning process

Thriving and not just surviving depends on embracing the need for change

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In a constantly changing world visitor attractions need to remain fresh, engage an existing and widening audience base in new and meaningful ways, build and nurture their stakeholder base and develop an economic and resource engine which can sustain the organisation and prove resilient when a toughening economic and funding environment demands it. The work of operating a successful visitor attraction is varied and relentless. 

We become an extension of your team, adding value and supporting growth

With its extensive operational experience, gained in working with attractions and their supply chains in eight different countries, our function is to literally ‘accentuate’ the skills and resources of our client attractions in helping them become more visible, more relevant and more resilient. We become an extension of our client’s team(s) and resource base and are focused on delivering positive change irrespective of the environment we arrive in.

You will always be the expert in your core experience

We believe our clients are best placed to deliver their core experience and so focus our services on wider areas that are essential to delivering a healthy attraction including strategic and business planning, change management, augmentation of the visitor experience, including sourcing appropriate technologies, and maximising the performance of an attraction’s commercial assets, its shops, cafes and wider commercial interests.

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Skeleton of a dinasaur in a museum

No margin, no mission

We are unashamedly focused on helping our clients become as commercially robust as possible while recognising the balancing requirement of clients to deliver a wider experience. Our work seeks to overcome the ‘hit and miss’ approach that can often accompany an internally resourced project by providing a fresh pair of eyes and a new and pragmatic perspective based on decades of experience in varied but often related environments.

We build our team to meet your specific needs

In addition to our own team we engage a wider team of professional associates, with each hand-picked in reflecting the specific needs of each individual client and assignment.

We serve the needs of a wide base of visitor attraction types including, but not limited to, museums, science centres, zoos and aquariums, heritage attractions, historic houses, botanic gardens and natural history museums. Our ability to offer input with perspectives beyond a specific attraction type is important when working to deliver a creative solution to a problem or opportunity. We also work with the wider supply chain for the attraction sector, including helping these clients enter new markets.

Parc Zoologique de Paris Caisses animaux en ville

The Xcentuate team have worked with visitor attractions in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Portugal.

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Xcentuate consultants have consistently demonstrated their ability to identify and resolve performance issues, often in challenging environments.

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By applying an alternative lens our clients get a fresh perspective on both the challenges and opportunities facing their business and the solutions that can deliver significant results.


As Paul’s client for the past 3 years, I found him to be highly professional; a great negotiator; and a man with his finger on the pulse. With his operational background, he was able to understand what was important to us as his client, and make it happen. He is also a very likeable individual, and a pleasure to do business with.

Wendy Walton, Director of Commercial Operations, Bristol Zoo Gardens

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