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Woman and child looking old ancient amphora in historical museum

Our skill as consultants derives from experience gained as operators of a diverse range of attractions and in even more diverse locations, we’ve led large and small teams and held senior management positions where the accountability for major decisions taken rested with us…we’ve been in your shoes and understand the need for a pragmatic and results oriented approach.

Our experience spans both for-profit and charitable attractions, we have led and worked with attractions in eight countries and ranging in size from 40,000 annual attendance to over 4,000,000. Scale typically supports more resource and so most of our work has been with venues attracting fewer than 1,000,000 visitors annually. We become an extension of your team and work to understand your challenges and aspirations. When a project is completed we disengage until we are needed again.

Our operational and consulting experience has enabled us to develop important relationships with a varied base of professionals and which affords us the ability to draw in wider expertise as and when required. From a client perspective this affords greater efficiency and a far greater return on both their energy and investment.

A common thread through the development of our business has been in helping clients think and act over how to become more commercially resilient, something which transcends location, attraction-type or scale. We care about the long-term success of our clients and work hard to offer solutions that can continue delivering results long after our engagement.

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