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Planes, trams (yes, trams) and automobiles

As we near the end of the year I wanted to share a brief post to thank my clients and wider network of support for making the last year so enjoyable and fulfilling. Reflecting on the last twelve months I genuinely think it has been my most enjoyable year of consulting in over 11 years.

Having often described myself as a ‘reluctant consultant’, given a) the poor image consultants seem to attract and b) that I still feel like an ‘operator’ at heart it is time for me to both accept and embrace that title, my role to help clients who want to be in a different place, whether performance wise or physically. The advantage of a good consultant is to add to the existing skillset of a team, to help shape and often deliver an intervention and then lift off.

The range of clients I have supported over the last twelve months has been amongst my most diverse and I have taken full advantage of pulling together a team of associates that enable me to considerably leverage the value delivered. Briefs this year have included developing and costing action-plans, business case development for developing a new science focused attraction (aviation based and hence the plane reference :-)), modelling numbers for a planned major new facility and delivering significant funds to support the relocation of an important community focused museum, one that will impact the community in its new location like few cultural venues I've ever worked with.

I do sometimes wonder what would have happened had I remained in a CEO role, supporting the needs of a single organisation but the experience gained in supporting over forty clients over the last decade+ has, in so many ways, been so much more rewarding.

In signing off for 2022 I would like to wish all of my connections the very best of the season and a happy and healthy 2023.

If you know anyone who could do with a little support in the year ahead please point them in my direction for a non-committal chat.

Take care everyone.


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