Sometimes all an organisation needs is a fresh pair of eyes.

A fresh pair of eyes to assist management with strategic planning initiatives. A fresh pair of eyes to evaluate and/or develop marketing strategies and tactics. A fresh pair of eyes to enhance development and fundraising efforts. Xcentuate leverages its years of experience to provide objective counsel to science centres, zoos, aquariums, heritage attractions, historic houses, and other venues in the areas of management, marketing and development.

Whether it's providing leadership in the area of strategic planning or implementing tactical campaigns to drive awareness and performance, the following guiding principles support Xcentuate's engagement with, and successful delivery of, a project.

  • Pragmatism is our defining methodology and is based on our extensive experience of delivering positive change in the museum/attraction environment.
  • We are action-oriented and committed to delivering timely results.
  • We strive to deliver an incredible value proposition for our clients.

Xcentuate employees have worked with a variety of visitor attractions in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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The staff at Xcentuate have demonstrated its ability to identify performance issues and implement positive change, often in challenging environments.

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Xcentuate looks forward to providing organisations with a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing visitor attractions.

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