Success Stories

As an Xcentuate client, you will benefit from the experience we have gained through successfully working with venues across the United Kingdom and the United States. Some of our recent success stories follow.

The Xcentuate team leverage their skills, experience and international network to deliver significant value to visitor attractions and their suppliers in an increasingly dynamic and challenging environment.

Event Network

Event Network

Xcentuate was engaged by leading US-based cultural attraction retailer, Event Network, in March 2012. Having grown to operating more than 100 partner stores in North America, including the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the American Museum of Natural History, Georgia Aquarium and The Royal Ontario Museum, Event Network had made an earlier strategic decision to expand its portfolio into the UK and continental Europe.

Within six months Xcentuate helped Event Network secure its first UK partnership, Bristol Zoo and Gardens, the world’s oldest provincial zoo and one of the UK’s most popular wildlife attractions.

Visit the Event Network Website.

Sensory 4 (S4)

Grande Exhibitions

Grande was Xcentuate’s first client. During this initial period of engagement Xcentuate drew together an international group of senior science centre leaders and worked with them over several months to deliver industry input into the development of a new ‘blockbuster’ style exhibition.

In September 2012 Xcentuate was re-engaged by Grande to identify venues for possible permanent Sensory 4 (S4) installations. Pioneered by Grande the S4 experience provides a highly cost effective method of delivery a new and highly immersive permanent attraction / museum gallery. The nature of exhibition means that Grande can work with clients to develop bespoke content for each partner while also offering the option of hosting one or several of a growing library of S4 experiences.

Satrosphere Science Centre

Satrosphere Science Centre

Xcentuate was engaged by Satrosphere in late 2011 to advance the development of a new feasibility study for Scotland’s first science centre. Initially securing the funding to conduct this study the Xcentuate team delivered an investigation which detailed the scope of what would be achievable as a result of a future capital investment.

On the first anniversary of its engagement the Satrosphere Board asked Xcentuate to assume an executive leadership role within the organisation in helping advance short-term needs while also pursuing the longer-term ambitions fuelled by the feasibility study.

Visit the Satrosphere Website.

NEMO, Amsterdam

NEMO, Amsterdam

Xcentuate was recently invited to support one of Europe’s leading science centres in its new master planning process. After more than a dozen years in its existing location the centre wanted to ensure, as much as possible, its continued growth, success and, to a certain extent, resilience to new market forces in the decade to follow.

Xcentuate drew on its international experience to run a process of facilitation which engaged the senior management team in an open dialogue. This has allowed the team to develop an early framework which incorporates a series of guiding principles. These principles will help the team advance through the next steps in the process while avoiding the many distractions which have threatened the effectiveness of the institution in recent years.

By providing an objective but also importantly experienced and external set of perspectives and filters the Xcentuate team is able to support a team’s navigation through the increasingly critical planning process.

Visit the NEMO Website.